High School Leadership - Program Overview

  1. Purpose
  2. Meeting Credit Requirements
  3. Leader Training Sessions
  4. Student Leader Responsibilities
  5. Student Leader Selection Process
  6. Skills Assessed


    The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for grade 10-12 students to meet the Ministry requirements for work experience and career exploration, while assisting district teachers with their McQueen Lake programs. Ministry requirements can be satisfied in a variety of ways depending upon the number of hours needed and the individual student's availability.

    Students selected for this program will attend a High School Leader training session and then be eligible for assignment to work with teachers and their classes at McQueen Lake during the school term. They will become instructional leaders and cabin group supervisors assisting students with their environmental and outdoor studies. They will work with all aspects of the McQueen Lake program. Student leaders may choose to work with the residential program or the day programs that operate throughout the school year at McQueen Lake. Efforts will be made to accommodate the student leader's availability with minimal interference with their regular timetable. It is anticipated that this program will enhance both the student leader's education as well as the educational experience of the thousands of elementary students who attend McQueen programs on an annual basis.

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    Meeting Credit Requirements

    30 Hr. Work Experience Requirement

    For a student looking to fulfill their 30 Hour Requirement for graduation, the McQueen Lk Student Leader option quickly provides the necessary hours:
    McQ. Lk. Leader Training 15 hrs.*
    Each (2.5 day) McQ. Lk. Overnight Trip 25 hrs.
    Each (1 day) McQ. Lk. Day Trip 5 hrs.

    Eg. All of the 30 hours required could be obtained through involvement in the Training and 1 Overnight trip or 3 Day Trips.
    * Note: Credit for Training (15) hours will only be allocated upon successful completion of at least one Overnight Trip and or 3 Day Trips, in exceptional circumstances this may be appealed.

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    Leader Training Sessions:


    Training opportunities are scheduled during late August of the school year. Each session will accommodate approximately 40 trainees and will be two days long. Sessions will start on 08:00 and conclude the following day at approximately 17:00. Check the current application form for specific training session dates. Training sessions will be held at McQueen Lake and students will be required to stay overnight. During their stay they will experience a typical McQueen Lake program and be provided with modelling and training to prepare them with the knowledge and skills required to be an effective high school leader.

    Training will be provided in the following areas:

    • Site Orientation
    • Program Expectations
    • Orienteering
    • Safety and Survival
    • Curriculum based games and activities.
    • Campfire Activities
    • Hiking to gain awareness of the trails in the facility.
    • Communication skills, behaviour management and teaching strategies. 
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    Student Leaders' Responsibilities:

    Each student leader will be under the sponsorship of a designated supervising teacher. Work Study Agreement Forms would be signed off prior to each McQueen Lake trip.

    Responsibilities and duties will vary depending upon which program the student leader chooses to work with, the Residential program or the Day program. The training program will prepare leaders for both programs.

    Under the direction and supervision of the supervising teacher, student leaders will:

    • Be responsible for the health and welfare of a cabin group. Maintain a high level of acceptable behaviour for themselves and their group.
    • Act as an instructional leader on field studies. Assist with recreational activities (orienteering, skiing etc.)
    • Assist younger students with assignment completion.
    • Assist younger students with meal preparation, chores and all aspects of camp life.
    • Assist and lead campfire activities.
    • Meet with supervising teacher prior to trip to review plans and responsibilities.

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    Student Leader Selection Process:

    Students should self select as well as be highly recommended by their school staff. Student applications will require the support of their parents, their principal, a counsellor, and a teacher prior to consideration. We would be interested in working with students who exhibit the following:

    • An interest in working in a helping profession i.e. teaching, social work, recreation, hospitality/tourism service industry, personnel management, etc., or a profession where interpersonal skills are essential for success.
    • Ability to communicate with a variety of people, teachers, students, parents,
    • Willing to work as part of a team,
    • Can assume a leadership role as well as take direction,
    • Enjoys the out-of-doors and learning about the environment,
    • Shows: enthusiasm, maturity, initiative, dependability, flexibility, integrity and a willingness to learn.

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    Student Leader Evaluation:

    Student leaders will participate in an evaluation process that will include:

    1. Self Assessment of Employability Skills: completed by the student leader.
    2. Career Exploration Experience Report: completed by the student leader.
    3. Employer's Assessment of Employability Skills: Completed by the supervising teacher and the McQueen Lake staff.
    4. Student Leader Assessment: Completed by the students supervised by the student leader.


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    Employability Skills to be Assessed:

    Communication Skills: listening, speaking, reading and
    Thinking Skills: problem solving, putting skills and
    knowledge to work.
    Willingness to Learn:

    Positive Attitude and Behaviour:confidence, honesty, initiative
    and good role model.
    Responsibility: ability to set goals, manage time,
    and be accountable
    Adaptability: acceptance of change and individual
    differences, being creative.
    Productivity: pride in what is accomplished or
    Safety: performs assignments and tasks with
    concern for safety for self and
    Cooperation: is a team player